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    Bannister had started working on a replacement game called Warlords of Legend about 5 years ago. I just poked an old post regarding it to see if a new game was still possible. here are the Facebook results so far.


    Bannister Nicholas I only stopped becuase Trade was bringing back LOL and I didn't want to get in the way. I turned the engine into an Ant colony game, and its still running its AI on my game world.

    Truth be told, my programming skills back then were atrocious, now I'm a full time developer working on large corporate projects. If there is any demand, I could be coaxed into starting it from scratch, now that I know what I'm doing. 1


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    Dave Pantherd you have the time to do something like this? how long would it take?

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    Bannister Nicholas well, 40-80 hours of solid programming, then 20+ more testing, then you guys get invited into an alpha, we look at the bandwidth of the number of players, work out the costs, divvy it up amongst the people, or kickstart it, another 40+ hours of cleaning up the code. If I was unemployed.. a month.. but I'm now full time employed with 2 kids, so maybe 3-6 months of spare time.. unless someone else knows some basic html & css, then I can have the engine up and running in a week and someone else can make it look pretty with all the pictures, and fonts and mobile responsive etc. 2


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    Dave Pantherd I will mention this in the forum and in Discord. there have been times in the past where several programmers that were players mentioned being willing to collaborate in modernizing the game. lets find out if they might want to be part of an effort to create a new one.


    I have seen several programmers mention they were willing to donate their time to modernize the game in previous posts. lets find out if they are willing to start their own game. Bannister is being responsive in the FB chat so please respond there if you might be willing and able to pitch in. if it would take him 5 months, maybe a team of volunteers could do it in 1.