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Twists of plot and fate

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  • Twists of plot and fate

    Whilst mulling over a plot item for a story which is slowly forming and growing (like a glacier.. only a bit slower!), I found myself thinking about RPG conventions and GM "hooks". I always knew my players pretty well and so could generally press their buttons. But were my players typical I wondered? So if you have a scenario/plot twist or random happenstance you'd like to share here and see how the community of RPers would generally respond to it?

    To get things started, my first "hook" is as follows (from a fantasy setting): Whilst journeying through a forest you hear shouts and a scream. Advancing with caution you see a small clearing in which a man and a woman are desperately fending of a group of five armed individuals. The man and woman are fighting back to back, are well dressed but in the case of the woman poorly armoured. The five assailants appear similarly equipped to each other with good quality swords and armour.

    Assuming you are sufficiently impulsive to act, rather than watch, which side do you weigh in on and why??
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    Neither - I try to separate the two groups and find out why they are fighting, before making a call on who I should be for and against. That means probably advancing on the five, trying to get them to back off however I can, even if it means attacking them briefly.
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