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  • Empire

    October 14, 2025 - The Imperial States of America is now the dominant global power, with military control over large swathes of Europe and North America, and ongoing military operations in South and Central America as well as most of Western Russia. Their President, Nicolai Carmenai, holds absolute authority over the state and rules as a dictator from Washington, D.C., soon to be renamed. From his seat of power, he directs the future of the ISA, the military operations seeking to bring the rest of the world to heel, and the execution of his grand design. He seeks to bring the globe into a single community, characterized by an equality of all peoples and justice for all, under the benevolent watch of the Imperial States and his own tender care.

    Unfortunately for Carmenai and his cronies worldwide, many of the denizens of the globe do not wish to join in the grand vision of the President, unwilling to sacrifice their freedom and individuality for it. Resistance crops up in many places, and is swiftly put down in most cases. Some of the more enduring movements are centered in the Midwestern states of the ISA, the former European nations, and Western Russia. Meanwhile, some nations still remain whole and resist the encroachment of the ISA, with the foremost among these being the Eastern Russian military remnant, the People's Republic of China, many of the African and Middle Eastern nations, and most of the South American countries, along with Indonesia and Australia.

    Many other nations have been devastated or joined the new order...the Korean peninsula, India, Pakistan, Japan, Canada and Mexico have all had their major population centers dispersed or destroyed, and are unable to do more than try to survive and rebuild. Nuclear fire has consumed many cities in all these places, and warfare most of the rest...they are no longer nations at all, only memories of the once-proud countries remaining.

    Unfortunately, for all the efforts of either side in the global conflict, the world simply remains at stalemate, neither side able to fully defeat the other...yet. The balance of resources is in favor of the ISA...and they fully intend on stamping out all resistance. It is only a matter of time...
    Whatever you create, remember your duty to it.

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    December 31st, 2017

    The New Year was ushered in as it always had been, with crowds flocking to Times Square in NY as the beverages flowed and people embraced and kissed one another, seeking joy in the fact that another year had come and gone. They celebrated the years of life the world had seen, the conquering of all the trials and the memories of the year past, and made promises they, in all likelihood, would never keep. For most, this would be in the form of New Year's resolutions of the ambitious sort, the kind that were made in the heat of passion and abandoned within a week or so afterward. Broken promises meant little when they were only to oneself, after all.

    For others, however, their promises would not be kept because those who swore them would never get the chance. Their choice was torn from them in a series of detonations which ripped through the crowds pressed close together in Times Square. Blast after blast erupted, and the world watched in mute, frozen horror as the festivities turned into fear.

    They called it the worst terrorist attack in the history of the United States, worse even than those of 2001. A series of suicide bombers systematically attacked the security points surrounding the events of the night, and then more dashed into the tight-packed crowds, shouting incomprehensibly as they pressed their triggers. They left the news crews untouched, of course, for their purpose was to be seen and heard, and as a result, the cameras of CNN, ABC, and many others caught every last moment in perfect clarity. Around the United States, some parents had the presence of mind to shoo their children from the room, while others simply could not muster the awareness to remember that their sons and daughters were watching.

    First responders rushed to the scene, trying to help...only to be targeted by a third wave which had lain in wait. The police tactical squads moved in, seeking out any further bombers, but as time passed, it became clear there were no more...the attackers had spent themselves. The delay had cost many lying wounded in the Square...the second echelon of paramedics was only able to save a fraction of those who had survived the initial attack.

    The President of the United States acted swiftly, coming on screen to address the nation as all channels suspended regular broadcasting. His words were meant to comfort and inspire, though his unpopularity with the younger masses meant only that his words were taken as opportunism rather than true empathy. Nevertheless, he swore to find and destroy those who had inspired this treacherous act, and to hunt them no matter where they hid.

    Meanwhile, in NYC, the fires continued to burn long into the night, helicopter news shots showing a red haze casting a glow against the buildings all about. It looked like a war zone...the first such scene many Americans had ever seen outside of film. It would not be the last...
    Whatever you create, remember your duty to it.